Privacy Policy

Who we are

William Hannant trading as WHCLS

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

For record keeping, customers are asked for their name on calling for the first time. This allows for customer events (e.g Bookings, Calls, Repairs, Invoices and other types of event) to be linked to a person and allows for better customer support.

A telephone number will be linked to the customer record to allow for record recovery on calling and for customer contact during repairs. Booking of site visits will require addresses which customers are asked for at the time of initial booking and are stored to allow repeat visits when necessary.

How is the information stored?

All records are stored in a password-protected database which is stored offline with local and VPN access to the database.

Who is the information shared with?

Customer details are submitted to an invoicing service called Wave Apps. This is used to bill and track payments on work carried out.  Names and addresses are also submitted to Google Calendar for job booking and GPS navigation to customer sites.

How long is the data kept?

At this point in time, no limit has been set due to the nature of repeat work.

Can I see my data and/or request removal?

Customers can ask to see what data is being held and a copy can be made available. Requests for removal are to be made via email. Records will be removed on request within 48 hours.

Will my data be sold to 3rd parties?

No. Your data will not be sold or given to 3rd parties except the ones outlined in “Who is the information shared with?” section.


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