WHCLS offers many different support areas for small businesses.
Below is a list of some of the services that WHCLS can offer. If you need anything that isn’t listed, just give me a call to discuss.


IT deployment for small business

I am able to provide a bespoke IT deployment and upgrade service. To assist you to keep up-to-date with the ever-evolving IT world, I will discuss with you what your exact requirements and needs are. I can set up PCs on a network, connect up PCs to a networked printer and deploy network storage for backing up files and sharing of files.

VOIP Phone systems

If you have more than one BT line and have a good broadband service then this will help you with how you handle your phone system. VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) offers businesses huge savings over traditional BT phone lines. This is due to the system offering massive flexibility compared to a traditional PBX system. There is a calculator here to work out the cost with a VOIP system.

Website building and hosting

Now I am building websites for businesses which range from a simple brochure website to a car dealership site. To add to the professional look of the website, email is included with the website.

Business Remote support

Any time your IT systems have a problem I can do a remote repair of your systems. This is only available to existing customers as it requires setup on your network.

Bespoke management software

If you are finding it hard to keep on top of your day to day business paperwork like job sheets, bookings, customer contact details and more then maybe it’s time to look into a management system. I have a system which we are able to tailor to your needs and requirements, get in touch to organise your initial meeting. This has already helped small businesses to minimise the workload and they have more time to meet their customer’s needs.