WHCLS offers many different areas of home IT support, everything you could possibly need.
Below is a list of some of the tech services that WHCLS is able to provide. If you need anything that isn’t listed, just give me a call to discuss.

New PC Builds and installs

Buying a new PC can be a big and daunting job, especially if something goes wrong. I can provide a full complete new computer service. This ranges from setting it up, installing all the required software, data transfer and tuition. If you have brought your new PC from another supplier, I am more than happy to help you with getting started and setup.

Data Recovery

Sometimes files, important or otherwise go missing or accidentally get deleted. As soon as you notice the files missing, please give me a call. This will enable me to recover the missing files as soon as possible and before you accidentally override the data.

PC Refresh

As PCs get older they can slow down and become sluggish. I am able to refresh your PC, so it runs much faster, smoother and feels much more like the day you bought it.

Virus and Malware removal

These days it is becoming more common to have malware on your PC, this can be from downloading a dodgy piece of software claiming to speed up your computer. Some of the malware’s characteristics are to change your homepage and search engine provider. Both viruses and malware can also monitor what websites you go on, what information you enter in, and therefore obtain personal information such as usernames and passwords. I can remove these for your protection and offer tuition on how to defend yourself from these attacks.