A wide range of services are available, here is a small selection of some examples.

Home PC Users

New PC Builds and installs

Buying a new PC can be a big job if something goes wrong with the setup as you have to go back to the shop and try to get them to exchange the PC. We offer a full setup, data transfer and tuition on your new PC so you are free to get back to using your e-mails and surfing the web. Even if you have brought a PC from another supplier we are still more than happy to help you with the setup.

Data Recovery

If you find some important file or photos have gone missing or have been deleted we can recover any data we can for you. It is best to call us as soon as you discover your files are missing as it important you don’t overwrite the data.

PC Refresh

As PC get older they suffer from so called “Bitrot” and can become slow. If you are finding you PC or laptop is starting to become unusable, we can refresh your PC or laptop to feel close to the day you got it.

Virus and Malware removal

It is getting more common to have malware on your PC that changes your homepage and search provider. These can also monitor what websites you got to and your personal information. We can help you to defend yourself from these attacks to keep you safe on the internet.

Damage repairs

Laptops, tablets and mobiles are very portable devices but as a result you are carrying them around and can easily be dropped, bent or squashed. We offer a repair service for most mobile, tablets and laptops.

Business Users

IT deployment for small business

We offer a bespoke IT deployment and upgrade service to meet your needs in the growing future of IT. We can setup PCs on a network with networked printers to save on time and costs. You can also have networked storage for backup and sharing of files.

VOIP Phone systems

If you have more than one BT line and have a good broadband service then this will help you with how you handle your phone system. VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) offers businesses huge saving over tradition BT phone lines with massive flexibility compared to a traditional PBX system.

Website building and hosting

We are now building websites for businesses ranging from a simple brochure website to a car dealership site. We also include email with the website for added professional look.

Business Remote support

Any time your IT systems have a problem we can do a remote repair of your systems. This is only available to existing customers as it requires setup on your network.

This is just a small selection of services available and if there is anything you need that is not listed just give us a call and we can let you know if it can be done.

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